Saturday, 5 December 2015

Top Reasons to Schedule Regular Sewer Check Ups

Being a homeowner is a combination of pride, freedom and responsibility. The house represents a way to represent yourself. The joy and satisfaction of improvements and enhancements last for the life of the building, but it isn’t always fun. Many functional parts of the dwelling need routine maintenance or inspections to make sure you are in good shape. Sewers are easy to forget, mostly because they service things that you don’t want on your mind. Ignoring their upkeep is both costly and dangerous. You may never think about what it means to have a failed sewer system, but the consequences are as unpleasant as the contents of those drains. These are the biggest reasons to take care of your sewer.


The primary purpose of sewer inspections is to make sure water and waste are flowing properly. Clogs are the most typical problem, and they can be spotted very early in their development. Leaving a clog untreated enables it to grow, causing treatment to become more difficult and more expensive. Scheduling regular sewer checkups is analogous to health checkups. Nip problems in the bud before they have the potential to cause you real harm.

Price of Inaction

When a clog is left alone, it will inevitably make itself known. Sometimes this is manifested with the slightly inconvenient face of slow draining. In more sinister cases, you can find sewage backing up into your home. If pressure hits a stubborn clog with enough force, your drains will work in reverse and you will have sludge in your bathtubs and sinks. The problem is as expensive as it is gross, and the presence of waste presents very real health risks to you and your loved ones.

Other Threats

While clogs are the most common problem in sewers, several other risks frequent them often enough. Roots can grow into the lines, threatening the integrity of the system and presenting the support structure for a potential dam. Age and pressure also occur naturally, leading to sewer lines that can rupture unexpectedly. Soil conditions can contribute to corrosion, ultimately leading to sewage leaks that contribute to soil problems and threaten the water table. All of these cases pose significant damage threats to the sewer that will not be cheap fixes.

Keeping these problems and consequences in mind should be enough to encourage you to find a service that can maintain your sewers. There are many options for sewer repair in San Marcos, so don’t hesitate to get your first check soon

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